“This is a trustworthy company that provides a broad range of services and products. Ever since I fist started working with NICI, way back in 1992, I’ve always counted on them to respond and deliver on time, no matter how large or small the request.

The professionalism, timeliness, and high quality of the deliverables they provide are crucial factors in our business success. NICI is large enough to serve us, yet has not grown to the point where they have lost touch . . .

NICI’s vision and foresight help us to remain prepared and protected on all fronts. It’s obvious that they care and have a great working knowledge of the insurance industry.

Not only does NICI help firms like Veolia by providing insurance and professional services, they also help small firms to expand and become more successful.”

Bill McCloud
Sr. Vice President
Veolia Transportation
Chicago, Illinois